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5 Ways Your Product Fulfillment Partner Can Improve Customer Experience

5 Ways Your Product Fulfillment Partner Can Improve Customer Experience

Product fulfillment customer experienceWhen a customer orders your product online, excitement and anticipation ensue. There are certain expectations your customer will have for the product they have just purchased. These include trackability, on-time delivery, and packaging and presentation that match your online product depictions. Customers should be just as wowed by the physical product they unwrap as they were by the web displays that led to their purchase.

Here are five ways your product fulfillment partner can improve your customer experience:

  1. Order Tracking: Make sure your order fulfillment center sends your customers order tracking information. Whether the order is preparing to ship, assigned a shipping number, or in the mail, your customer will want to know where their order is at all times.
  2. Product Presentation: Work with your fulfillment center to optimize the user experience. This may include custom stickers, tissue paper, branded boxes, unique wrapping styles, printed inserts and more. You want to find a fulfillment provider that can integrate these types of requests while also conferring with you on how to minimize costs.
  3. Integrated Marketing: Each package you send is a marketing opportunity. Consider adding marketing inserts to your packages. Whether it’s your calendar, brochure, or promotional materials for other products, your fulfillment provider should work with you to both print and insert these items.
  4. Quality Control: Ensure that your fulfillment center has quality control steps built into your fulfillment procedures. Most errors occur in product manufacturing, assembly, or pick & pack. Your fulfillment center should have quality control checks that can detect problems from each of these areas to ensure your customers don’t receive the wrong item.
  5. Customer Service: You need a fulfillment provider that will be there to answer the phone for both troubleshooting and order processing. Good customer service goes a long way towards generating repeat business. Ask your fulfillment center about their 24/7 call center services.


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